Bikes For Tikes!

Help a child get their first set of wheels! 

Many wonderful and adventurous childhood memories have taken place on bicycles.  Let's work together to give children in our community an opportunity to make memories that will last a lifetime.  This project not only lifts a child's spirit but gives them a great outlet to be active.

The Rotary Club of Oyster Point is committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle to help young children avoid inactivity and the health issues that can come along with it.  Bike riding increases the health of the heart, increases balance, and strengthens the leg and abdominal muscles.  Our project provides new bicycles to a target group of less fortunate children living in areas of the city with the highest obesity rates.

The Bikes for Tikes program collaboration between Rotary Club of Oyster Point, the Newport News Redevelopment and Housing, the Boys & Girls Club, Salvation Army, and the YMCA is celebrating its seventh year working together.  These groups help identify and select children that qualify from the areas in need.  The Village Bike Shop allows the club to purchase the bikes at cost, offers space for the club volunteers to assemble and store the bikes until delivery day. The bikes and helmets will be distributed on Saturday, December 16th! 

Please consider making a charitable contribution payable to:  Oyster Point Rotary Foundation or you can make a donation via credit card online; just click on "Buy A Bike" at the top of the page.  The cost of a bike and helmet this year is $100!  This year we have options to Buy A Bike, 1/2 a bike, or 1/4 of a bike.  Whatever you choose, your generous gift will brighten a child's day and touch their hearts for a lifetime. 

Thank you and have a Wonderful and Safe Holiday Season!

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