The New Horizons Regional Educational Centers - Career & Technical Education Center Recognition Ceremony was held June 6, 2017. Oyster Point Rotary President Doug Atkins and President Elect Heather Martin presented the following scholarships;
The Oyster Point Rotary Scholarship of $1,000 awarded to a Heritage High School senior attending her second year as a Cosmetology student at the Butler Farm campus. She is currently employed at SuperCuts and will be attending North Agricultural State University for a degree in Sports Management and Fitness. Dezhans (Da-shan-na) Shields - Tucker
The second Oyster Point Rotary Scholarship of $1,500 awarded to a Denbigh High School senior attending the Pharmacy Technician's Program at the Woodside Lane campus. She has passed the State Pharmacy Technician's exam and will be employed as a Pharmacy Technician  while she continues her education in the medical field at Thomas Nelson Community CollegeAnh (Ann) Do (Doe)
The third Oyster Point Rotary Scholarship of $1,000 awarded to a Warwick High School senior attending the Criminal Justice Program at the Woodside Lane campus. Upon graduation she will enroll at Thomas Nelson Community College and transfer to pursue her Bachelor's degree in pre-law. Carol Medel-Perez